BITE-SIZED ADVENTURES: Exploring Denver’s Best Eats with Larry Herz’s OCN Eats Podcast

In this episode of Denver Digs, host Cory Williams had the pleasure of stopping by for the filming of Larry Herz’s 500th episode of the OCN Eats Podcast!


The podcast is part of @OurCommunityNow, a page that works to bring all of the Colorado communities together through promoting bars, restaurants, events, and all things community. They have a great mission and are great people! It’s a must-listen for foodies and culinary enthusiasts in Denver, Colorado. Hosted by the well-known and respected food critic Larry Herz, OCN Eats provides a behind-the-scenes look at some of the best and most exciting restaurants, bars, and cafes in the Mile High City.



With a passion for all things food, Larry Herz is a knowledgeable and engaging host who brings his expertise and experience to each episode of the podcast. Whether he’s interviewing chefs, restaurateurs, or food bloggers, Larry brings a fresh and insightful perspective to each conversation, providing listeners with an inside look at the culinary world in Denver.


Watch the full story:


One of the standout features of OCN Eats is its comprehensive coverage of the Denver food scene. From traditional favorites to trendy newcomers, the podcast covers a wide range of restaurants and culinary experiences, providing listeners with a diverse and engaging look at the city’s food culture. Each episode is focused on a particular restaurant or food experience, with Larry providing his expert commentary and analysis on everything from the menu to the atmosphere.



In addition to its coverage of local restaurants, OCN Eats also includes interviews with notable figures in the culinary world, including celebrity chefs, food critics, and other food industry experts. These interviews provide listeners with a unique and informative look at the latest trends, innovations, and challenges facing the food industry today.



Overall, Larry Herz’s OCN Eats podcast is a must-listen for anyone with an interest in the Denver food scene. With its engaging host, comprehensive coverage of local restaurants, and insightful interviews with culinary experts, the podcast provides listeners with an inside look at the city’s vibrant and dynamic culinary culture. Whether you’re a foodie or simply a lover of great conversation and delicious cuisine, OCN Eats is a podcast that should not be missed.